Quorn to include carbon footprint labeling


Making responsible environmental choices when food shopping can be hard. But one manufacturer of meat alternative products is helping to make this easier.

Quorn, the world’s biggest producer of meat-alternatives, have announced that they will start to include carbon footprint labeling on their top products.

The carbon footprint is calculated from ‘farm to shop’, and checked and certified by the Carbon Trust. This change is being accompanied with a new advertising campaign around using their products as a meat alternative being “a step in the right direction” due to the low carbon footprint of their products when compared with meat.

The new labeling is intended to better inform consumers on the impact of their food choices on climate change, and will appear on packaging later in 2020.

The carbon footprints of their products are currently available on their website, with comparison to the carbon footprint of some meats:

  • Quorn mince – 1.3kgCO2e per kg
  • Chicken – 5.9kgCO2e per kg
  • Pork – 8.3kgCO2e per kg
  • Beef mince – 27kgCO2e per kg


Carbon emissions: food for thought, retrieved from: https://www.quorn.co.uk/carbon-footprint